In Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poem Divine Comedy, the protagonist Dante travels through center of the earth through Hell, Inferno.  (No, we didn’t remember this from high school English either. Thank you Wikipedia!) Hell is depicted as nine concentric circles of torment located within the Earth. Dante’s journey through Hell ends with Dante meeting Satan and escaping out the other side of the earth.

Apparently, the schedule-makers at the MIAA are big fans of Dante and his journey through Hell, as they used it as the basis for the 2017 Walpole Rebels football schedule! With due respect to Dante and his sojourn through the Great Inferno, however, his trek was a walk in the park compared with what the 2017 Walpole Rebels face this year.

To begin with, the Rebs are currently only scheduled to play in the friendly confines of Turco Field for three games out of 10. And one of those games is Thanksgiving, essentially after the fate of the season has been sealed. We enjoy only two games at home when it matters, with at least 5 games on the road.

Here is what the Rebels have in front of them – the date, Opponent, site, and each team’s 2016 record:

Date Opponent/Site 2016 Record
09/13/2019 Mansfield, away 8-3
09/20/2019 Needham, away 5-6
09/28/2019 Norwood, home 3-8
10/06/2019 Wellesley, away 11-1
10/11/2019 Natick, home 9-2
10/18/2019 Milton, away 8-4
10/25/2019 Medfield, away 7-3
11/01/2019 TBD
11/08/2019 TBD
11/15/2019 TBD
11/28/2019 Weymouth, home 2-9

Combined 2016 Record of teams we play on the road: 39-17. Ugh….

Combined 2016 records of teams we play at home: 14-19. On those few occasions we do get to play at Turco, maybe we catch a little bit of a break.

But look at October! 3 road games, 1 home game: combined record of opponents: 35 wins 10 losses.  Hey MIAA, why not send the Rebels to Columbus, Ohio to play Ohio State while you’re at it!

Even the games against the two teams with bad records are not ‘gimme’s.’ The Norwood game will always be the NORWOOD game, and on Thanksgiving, with emotions running high as many seniors play what is likely their last organized football game ever, you never know what will happen.

Follow the schedule in the Boston Globe HERE

What’s a football team to do? Well, knowing Coach Greener and these Rebels, they won’t back down. In fact, keeping with the theme of the Inferno, and using a reference from modern times, the Rebels in fact might say, with some help from Tom Petty:

“Well, I won’t back down

No I won’t back down

You can stand me up at the gates of hell

But I won’t back down!”